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Why you hire an event planner?

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Most people think that you have to spend allot of money to hire an event planner?  There are so many advantages of a wedding planner, event planners have access to venues, florists, dj’s, photographer’s and cake vendor’s and have relationships with vendors that can best fit your budget. Some client’s want to hire an event planner for the whole process from beginning to end from choosing a venue to signing the contract until the wedding day. Some people want to hire you the day of the wedding which would tie all loose ends and create a timeline for the wedding day and make sure you have a wedding that no one will forget.

All About You can plan your event on a budget that works for the client, no matter how big or small you can be assured that an event planner will make sure your event is flawless. I recently had  a bride that was on a budget and she got married at lake Mission Viejo and her budget was $6,000.00. And that included her catering, dj, flowers, officiant, and wedding favors. If you want to have a wedding or any event just remember that  your wedding planner can create a celebration and memories that you and your guests will not forget.

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