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How To Choose Your Fantasy Wedding Cake

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Wedding CakesWedding Cake Fantasy is a wedding cake studio based in Orange County. We specialize in custom wedding cakes that taste just as good as they look. Not only do we offer wedding cakes but also cupcake towers, dessert setups and also favors for any special event.

Our executive pastry chef Brent has always had a niche for weddings. Working with great flavors as well as great chefs, Brent has the perfect design hand that will tie a bride to her wedding through her desserts/cake. Brent takes the time to understand the bride and grooms personality and style and wants to create the best wedding cake/dessert for their special day.

Design Your Wedding Cake

There are so many things to decide what you want to serve as a dessert on your wedding day, most brides stick to their traditional wedding cake. Depending on the amount of guest or the wow factor of your cake, it’ll all determine the amount of tiers you want for your cake. A simple 2 – 3 tier is your norm for a small intimate wedding – with your close friends and family; a 4 -5 tiered wedding cake is more for the larger reception weddings. Anything bigger than 6 tiers for your wedding cake – you’re going for the wow factor.

Deciding on the flavors of your cake is always a challenge. Most brides see the wedding as “all about them” so they pick the flavors they like and want; then you have the other brides who want to please everyone and choose flavors they think everyone will like, which can stress a bride out at times. A good thing about most bakeries is they allow for each tier of the cake to be multiple flavors that way it gives the bride and her guest flavor options. Flavor combinations are always a pastry chef favorite thing to do, so don’t hesitate to ask your cake designer what the most popular flavors are – they have a better idea on the favorites. My suggestion to all bride and grooms is to pick flavors they both like – the wedding is showcased about the two of you. I always recommend a bride and groom to alternate their favorite flavors throughout their wedding cake. The guests will still have their flavor options they could enjoy, but the wedding isn’t about making the guest happy. Compromise on your flavors and build your wedding cake together.

Most brides already have their cake design in mind since they were children. Not knowing how much time and detail a designer has to put into the cake can vary the cost of the cake and steer the bride away from her dream wedding cake. I always suggest 2 – 3 different designs that a bride could possibly want for her cake. That way we have different design options to work with. Another thing I strongly want for the bride is to personalize her cake. any ideas and designs she has for her cake, I always like to combine different décor for the cake just to be different or really capture the bride and groom and tie in their wedding décor and theme to the cake. Sometimes it’s good to see different options for wedding cakes, not all cakes are meant to look the same, so piecing it and creating your own allows the bride to be a cake designer to add her personal touches to her desserts.

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